Heated Rice Bags

Heated Rice & Flax Seed Bags

We now offer both 100% cotton rice bags and 100% cotton flannel flax seed bags!

These wonderful heated rice bags come in handy all year long. Their beneficial for several ailments:
– menstrual cramps
– sore muscles, whether heated or temporarily placed in the freezer
– warm cold hands & feet

We recommend microwaving your rice bag in short increments of time. Depending on the strength of your microwave, please do a test run where you carefully watch the rice bag so as not to overheat and burn the internal contents. Start by heating in 30-45 seconds intervals until it reaches the wanted warmth. It should last approximately 20 minutes before you need to reheat.

Lastly, we purposefully made the outside fabric sleeves separate from the actual rice or flax seed bag. This allows for you to remove and wash the exterior bag as needed. Eventually you will need to replace the internal bag as the seeds will break apart after repeated use. Personally, I use mine for at least 9-months to a year before having to replace the set.

As always, call or email if you have any questions!