Quilt Care

There’s an ongoing debate in the quilting community on how best to wash and care for quilts. Charlotte gave us her favorite tips & tricks for making your beloved quilt last for years to come.

– When washing the quilt, try to use cold water so the colors don’t bleed. Most often, the fabrics we use in quilts are not pre-washed which is a whole other discussion.
– If it’s your first time to wash your quilt, wash it alone without any other quilts, towels, or clothes. We also recommend throwing in a colorguard sheet as it will help catch any fabric dye that may potentially come out of the textiles.
– To dry your quilt, dry on low to medium tumble. If it’s still damp when the cycle is finished, hang it up to dry out completely.
– It is safe to iron your 100% cotton quilt. Just be sure to test a small portion of your quilt before ironing. Generally you won’t need to iron quilts that contain polyester (think Shannon Cuddle fabrics).
– When you store your quilt, place it in a linen closet or similar space out of direct sunlight as the fabrics will fade. We also recommend wrapping them in acid free tissue paper to avoid moths, dust or potential mold.
– Lastly, we hope you use your quilt on a regular basis. If you end up storing it for a month or more, we suggest you pull it out of storage and re-fold it a different way. This will help reduce wrinkles but also keep the textiles from wearing down in the same fold lines which could lead to holes in your quilt after years of storage.

Quilting is a common passion for our staff. If you want to learn to sew & create your own quilt, we have classes for all levels of students through our mother shop: Charlotte’s Sew Natural. Simply call the store or check out their website for the latest list of classes. Now go relax under your beautiful quilt!